Leaders of our Team


Director, TEST Contracting.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ali Bin Jeerab Zaib Al Abiyal

I and my team have worked very hard to achieve a certain position at which we are right now. Customer's total satisfaction is our motto right from the first development of components up to delivery. Without quality, one cannot stand in the global market. We always prefer to give best quality as per our customer’s desire. We strictly concentrate on quality from the starting of components production up to final completion. We are regularly asking our valued customers about the quality of the components supplied by us. We also maintain records for giving proper feedback and best service to the entire satisfaction to our valued customers. We are always trying our best to deliver the material in minimum time, We ensure and take utmost care regarding the transportation of material. We always ensure full participation of our employees and suppliers in achieving our objectives. Open management policies, transparent business arrangements are the areas that do carry special significance. In the future we approach with the promise of bigger challenges. The present is giving us the strength to thrust ahead.

Thank you.

Chief Executive Officer, TEST

Mohammed Ashraf

TEST is considered as one of the leading Saudi infrastructure companies. TEST provides infrastructural solutions in the field of infrastructure and integrated solutions in general, and infrastructure systems. Believing in the importance of development and continuous updating, TEST had established a center that specializes in technical training to cover aspects of the training needed by workers and clients in the Infrastructural field. TEST seeks to find an advanced and organized environment that expands for many infrastructure solutions which effectively help in developing the work and facilitates designing a lot of ideas that contribute in obtaining better efficiency and maximum productivity in enterprises generally. These solutions fits with the nature of the work with the organization or sector to ensure the absolute quality. All that has been done with solutions that are compatible and satisfies their clients’ ambitions. ​Last but not least, TEST is proud to have a distinguished infrastructure team that got previous experiences, and holding the "infrastructure degrees" enabling them to execute all the work efficiently.

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